About Us

Avillion Berhad’s principal activities are hotels, resorts, property management, property and resort development, marina, spa, travel & tour operations, provision of management services and investment holding.


We aim to excel in serving mother nature and community, offering properties that enrich lives, promote wellness, and create lasting memories for generations to come.


1. Design, develop and manage tranquil, eco-conscious resorts, hotels, and properties that inspire creativity and beauty.

2. Cherish and safeguard our natural resources - sea, land and trees - as they are our guardians in return.

3. Continuously evolve and elevate our skills to exceed the expectations of our customers,offering experiences that surpass their wildest dreams.

4. Leverage data and technology to optimise our services and delivery.

5. Nurture our team, recognizing that theirwell-being is paramount to our success.
6. Pay attention to the smallest details, knowing that they yield significant rewards in the end.


To maximise shareholders' value and profitability via exponential organic growth and new revenue streams, centred on distinctive hospitality, products and services.


The Group operates in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.